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The Teachers’ Guide from Preliminary to Clear Credentials    RIMS-BTSAOnline© (RBO©) includes all the information preliminary credentialed teachers need to complete their teacher induction program and obtain their clear credential recommendation. It will help guide them to meet all necessary requirements and track their progress through the program.

Where You Need It, When You Need It   Because all of the teachers’ work is available online, it allows for easy collaboration between the teachers and their support providers whenever and wherever they have Internet access. Administrators also have access to needed information while on the road. The RBO© may also be accessed using mobile devices although it is not currently designed specifically for that platform.

Real-Time Reports  Up-to-the-minute reports are available to teachers, support providers and their administrators. In addition to induction completion progress, service time and professional development reports, the RBO© provides users access to reports and studies on relevant educational research from RIMS-BTSA partnering universities, California State University, San Bernardino and University of California, Riverside.

Membership Required   The RBO© is only available to members of the RIMS-BTSA Consortium Professional Teacher Professional Induction Program. Learn more about the RIMS-BTSA Consortium and how gain access to this powerful induction tool.

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